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Future Base Alpha Add Ons

September 21, 2007

 We are currently working on some add ons to Future Base Alpha. These add ons when released will be priced at $2.00. These add ons can be used on their own but is really made to be add-on modules for Future Base Alpha. Here are some finished pictures. Instructions and layout still need to be done before this product is released.



PukaShellGames Presents Future Base Alpha

September 20, 2007

Puka Shell Games Presents Future Base Alpha

Future Base Alpha is our first sci-fi terrain set. I’m a big fan of AT-43 and wanted to make some terrain elements for our games. The figures and trees shown are for scale only. Included in this 15 page PDF are the following.

  • 1 Large Command Building
  • 1 Bunker
  • 2 Types of High Walls
  • 1 Low Wall
  • 1 Large Gate Wall with Removable Door
  • 1 Large End Column
  • 1 Wall Joining Column

Print out as pieces as you want to make a large base. This item can be purchased at our store at RGPNow.


dsc_0025-1.jpg  (more…)

Product Updates

September 5, 2007

Here are some free updates to those who have purchased or have not purchased any of our products.

Terrain Pack 2 Update
Included in this 1 page PDF is a new Barricade template and an 3″ x  8″ Trench template.